Rent a kayak or SUP at Ringstad

To rent a kayak without a guide you need to sign a declaration that you master self-rescue and buddy-rescue. If you got a personal certificate for NPF (wet card), EPP2 or BCU 2STAR we do not require signing. We do offer both short and long courses to teach you the most important techniques.

Rental terms:

  • Wet card, EPP2 or BCU 2STAR
  • 18 years + and be able to swim
  • Life jacket must be used
  • You need to inform us where you are paddling
  • If you are running late, please inform us
  • Secure the kayak when you go ashore, be aware that there might be up to 3 metres difference between high tide and low tide
  • Equipment should be cleaned and sand free when returned
  • Equipment must be returned before 22:00 pm, or by appointment

Liability and insurance:

  • All paddling with a rented kayak is at your own risk
  • In the event of damage or theft of the equipment, you are liable
  • Self-declaration must be signed before rental
  • We will not cover you by any insurance. Please check if your insurance applies in the event of damage or loss of rented equipment


Per day

Double kayak: 1050,- NOK
Single kayak: 560,- NOK
Child kayak: 450,- NOK
Dry suit: 250,- NOK

Stand-up-paddleboard (SUP) 2 hours: 250,- NOK

Rental price includes: paddle jacket, shoes, oar, waterproof bag, vest and security equipment.

Rent a single kayak for 2 days or more:

2 days 1125,- NOK
3 days 1695,- NOK
4 days 2255,- NOK

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