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Northern Norway is the perfect location for outdoors activities. No matter where you go you are surrounded by majestic mountains and an astonishing environment. The emotions you feel when you scale a mountain are without equal.

Happy. Accomplished. Content.

Ringstad Resort will soon be able to offer fitness camp for those who want:

♥ An active lifestyle

♥ To kickstart your workout

♥To chase that post-workout high

♥ To feel your heart beat.

In cooperation with the coaches from BøPuls we’ll help you get started, or keep up, good fitness routines. The workouts and activities are planned by experienced fitness coaches who can offer a top-quality experience. We want to spread the joy of fitness and positive energy – and we will never stop cheering for you! We offer customized workouts in the great outdoors with a focus on health and quality of life. We want you to feel good about your workouts.

We want to emphasize the value of taking care of oneself and balancing physical activity with relaxation. Good food and drink along with good company is the perfect end to a workout session. Massages and jacuzzi baths are available for those who want to wind down after a day of activity.

Our fitness programs will make you feel welcome and part of our group whether you’re travelling by yourself or with company. Everyone is welcome because everyone deserves being reinvigorated through workouts and relaxing environments. You’ll get that sense of accomplishment during our workouts so that when you leave you will be energized and prepared to take on the world.

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