Kayak trips

About our tours

We will introduce you to the natural environment, the areas cultural history, and tell you about the conservation and wilderness projects taking palce, making this an exciting and educational experience. On all of our courses and trips we ensure one guide per 6-8 participants so you get the best out of the experience.

We invite you to join us on some exciting challenges, to social events and have some fun in this spell binding environment.

In all of our activities, we emphasize safety and enjoyment. We plan and prepare making sure you know how to use the equipment properly and have the basic knowledge to ensure your own safety and that of others around you. Everyone’s level of experience will differ so we encourage you to go at your own pace and enjoy the experience.

Kayak trip for beginners

Duration: approx. 4 hours

This half day trip is a great way to find out if kayaking is your thing. Beginners need not fear! Participants are introduced to the kayak and equipment and then given simple practical exercises to get you started. We cover all safety aspects to ensure your own safetly as well as those around you.

The trip goes to a small island. All equipment is included

Meeting point: Ringstad Resort, Ringstadveien 28, 8475 Straumsjøen
Starting time: Every day at 16pm – booking in advance necessary
Price: 1.295,- per person incl. kayak and all equipment/Children 8 to 14 years 895,-

Kayak day trip

Duration: approx. 5 hours

On our day trips we are kayaking crossing the Jørnfjord to Hellfjord (if the weather conditions allows it). Hellfjord is a beautiful deep fjord with steep mountains, an totally quiet and untouched area. This is the perfect place for lunch and a long break, before paddeling back to Ringstad. On this tour you will get used to the kayak and enjoy the nature.

Meeting point: Ringstad Resort, Ringstadveien 28, 8475 Straumsjøen
Starting time: Tue-Wed-Thurs at 11pm – booking in advance necessary
Price: 1695,- incl. kayak and all equipment/Child 8 to 14 years 895,-
Booking and information: +47 90674928 or 90640591 / booking@yttersiden.no

Kayak courses

Kayak introduction course

Duration: 16 hours / 2 days

All summer we organize basic courses in sea kayaking. During this course you learn the practical use of the kayak. The exercises show you easy paddle techniques and will provide a good introduction to sea kayak and equipment. In addition to becoming familiar with basic security procedures and practices, you will learn as well how to effectively maneuver the kayak. The course is organized like a trip around Ringstad with lots of fun and exciting challenges. 

Pris: 3.500,-
Inkluderer: Wetcard from the Norwegian canoe assosiation (NCA)

Overnight trips by kayak with guide 

Duration: 2 days

We will paddle from Ringstad to Hellfjord where we will stay overnight in a Lavvo tent.

Pris: 3.800,-
Inkluderer: all equipment, guide and food
Min. 4 persons.

We customize and organize tours for your needs. Contact Ian on tel. +47 90674928 or Ann Karina +47 90640591 for more information.

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